Online Zoom Dyslexia Literacy Tutoring

Dyslexic Insight are specialist Dyslexia teachers and can offer your child Zoom tutoring that suits your needs. We’ve successfully adapted the programĀ to work online in a Zoom tutoring that’s proven to be fun, interesting and still gets the important results for your child with their literacy development.

Some of the great benefits:

  • Online is a positive model of teaching and learning
  • Encourages the student to be independent
  • The student has responsibility for their learning
  • Not in a group setting – private one-on-one learning
  • Parents can support their child and be part of their learning
  • Parents can easily monitor homework
  • Instant feedback for parents
  • More engaging for the student
  • Extra support can be given online if needed anytime – flexible learning
  • The student can enjoy different tasks using Whiteboards, typing, writing on paper
  • Gives the student different ways of demonstrating their knowledge
  • The student can learn on tablet, laptop or computer and enjoy technology
  • Flexible learning times
  • Be anywhere in Australia, on holidays or in isolation

We are very dedicated to ensuring the individual learning needs of our students are met through private one-on-one tutoring. Please contact me or callĀ 0401 959 821 if you’re like to set up a Zoom Dyslexia tutoring program for your child.

Phone: 0401 959 821

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information about Dyslexia tutoring or tutoring for other Literacy learning needs and ways best to support your child.