Dyslexia and Literacy Tutoring Adelaide

The Program for tutoring dyslexia students in Adelaide

My program is based on the Hickey Multi-Sensory Literacy Program. (adapted to the Playberry Dyslexia solutions Multisensory Liteacy Program)

It is recommended by the British Dyslexia Association and the International Dyslexia Association USA.

It is a literacy program which focuses on reading, spelling and writing. The program is phonics based (the sounds and letters) and incorporates the spelling and grammar rules associated with English.

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The Program for students with literacy needs

During the sessions, students are catered for by providing a program to suit their individual needs. The different activities are designed to revise work and to teach and practise new skills, as well as incorporating different fun methods to help the learner achieve success.

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Phone: 0401 959 821

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information about Dyslexia tutoring or tutoring for other Literacy learning needs and ways best to support your child.