About Melissa Strudwick Dyslexia Tutor and Teacher

Melissa Strudwick Dyslexic Insight

As a teacher and a parent of two dyslexic children, my speciality began in the field of dyslexia in 2011. I wanted to really help my children achieve the best they could in their education and life. As a teacher with over 25 years experience, I knew I had the skills and knowledge to really make a difference. However, like many parents and teachers, I found there was very little understanding of dyslexia.

With approximately 10% of our society having some form of dyslexia, I became very passionate, as an educator to ensure that quality support, resources and training will be available for all families, teachers and children.

Through the continued experiences and learning with my own children and the many students I have worked with,

I understand the importance of helping families with quality strategies for the long term.

Learning is challenging and affects not only the child but also the whole family. I’m here to assist and support all families and schools looking for qualified dyslexia tutoring and teaching in Adelaide. Along with assisting those to understand dyslexia and implementing strategies for learning and growth.

My Experience

With over 25 years teaching experience in varied and diverse educational roles, this allows me to work with a diverse range of students and families. Throughout my career, I have taught Preschool to Year 7 and have worked in positions in state and Catholic schools in Adelaide, interstate and overseas and across a broad spectrum of socioeconomic environments.

I have also taught Japanese and Education at a University level and have been a tutor for several years, teaching students with dyslexia and other learning needs associated with literacy.

I am a member of Dyslexia SA and cofounder of the Metro Dyslexia Support Group in Adelaide. The group supports and provides families with information and services about Dyslexia. Please contact me via email for further information and details about meetings.


  • Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)
  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 Teaching Students with Dyslexia
  • Current Teacher Registration

Areas of Expertise

  • Specialist in dyslexia teaching and tutoring
  • Tutoring in other learning needs associated with literacy.
  • Author of phonic based Little Monkey Books
  • Resource development

Little Monkey Books

To be released!

With my husband Shane, an experienced graphic designer, we have created our Little Monkey ebooks for children, parents and teachers. Based on phonics and utilising the digital learning environment, we have worked together to create these resources to assist thousands of other children to improve their reading potential.

We’ve also designed this font called Georgee. It helps enhance the reading experience and supports print handwriting in our schools.

We love reading and hope you’ll love it too!

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Phone: 0401 959 821

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information about Dyslexia tutoring or tutoring for other Literacy learning needs and ways best to support your child.